About US

GranataStore is a company that manages the official retail and ecommerce for the Torino Football Club.

Established in 2006, GranataStore started its activity in the retail sale of the official merchandising of the Club. In 2007 GranataStore extended its dimension using internet technology by creating a virtual store, granatastore.it, with a 360° internal management of entire sales process: from planning purchases to managing the warehouse and stores, from personalizing individual products to marketing up to delivery to the final customer. GranataStore aims to increase the value of the Torino Football Club brand through the sale of merchandising online and through dedicated official stores. Then, it aims to reach the widest target of customers/fans in the world, through an efficient and complete service in the name of innovation and continuity, developed to become a point of reference for all granata fans.

We try to involve the customer and accompany him in an immersive experience by continuing to offer constant improvement of the offer, a very important feature of our corporate strategy. In September 2022, following a rebranding, a new ecommerce version was released for the management of torinofcstore.com: it is a high-level technological solution, for a high-performance site that always best meets the needs of each user. 

Since November 2o22, GranataStore has also become the official licensee for the creation and production of the knitwear.